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Texas Sexual Abuse Help Line

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Forms of Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual conduct or misconduct, sexual abuse or molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual touching, sexualized interaction, sexual comments about a person's body, or other verbal or non-verbal behaviors that facilitated, contributed to, or led up to abuse, regardless of whether or not such behavior was itself sexual or against the law, and regardless of whether the victim thought the behavior was sexual abuse at the time.

  • Sexual abuse includes behavior between two people without regard to whether such activity involved explicit force, whether such activity involved genital or other physical contact, and whether the victim associated the abuse with any physical, psychological, or emotional harm.

  • Sexual abuse involves behaviors including penetration or fondling of the victim’s body, other body-on-body contact, or non-contact, behaviors such as observing or making images of a victim’s naked body, showing or making pornography, or forcing the victim to  behave in sexual behavior.

  • Inappropriate touching

  • Requesting personal sexual favors for "rewards"

Signs & Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Signs of Sexual Abuse can manifest in numerous ways.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Disrupted sleep and frequent nightmares

  • May seem withdrawn or distant

  • Depression, fear, anxiety, and mood swings

  • Loss of appetite or other changes in eating habits

  • Cuts, bruises, abrasions, skin discoloration, and burns

  • Pain, bleeding, or unusual discharge from the genitals

  • Sudden bed wetting

  • Running away from home

  • Drug or alcohol addiction

  • Self-harm/injury


Lawsuits are currently being filed by abuse victims across Texas and the United States. If you or a loved one have been sexually abused, you might be eligible for financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Don’t suffer in silence. Fill out a no-cost claim review to see if you are eligible to receive compensation.

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