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Implant Lawsuit

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What is BioZorb®?

BioZorb is an implantable device used in treating breast cancer. BioZorb is used as a bed marker to help in the process of targeted radiation after a lumpectomy procedure.These devices are designed to absorb into the body within a year of being implanted.  Many patients, however, have experienced problems with them. BioZorb implants can cause complications, injury, and pain in certain breast cancer patients. Some patients have become so uncomfortable they’ve sought surgical device removal and even mastectomy to remove the entire breast.


BioZorb® Side Effects

  • Skin deformity

  •  Painful, hard lumps near implant area

  •  Itching

  •  Sensitivity

  •  Skin reddening

  •  Pain while wearing bra

  •  Affected breast larger than non-surgical breast

  •  Inability to sleep on the side with pain

  •  Biozorb® device not absorbing

About BioZorb® Claims

If you have a BioZorb implant and are experiencing problems, please fill out the form above. You may be entitled to significant compensation.

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