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Texas Freeze Damage Claims

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Texas Freeze Damage Lawsuit


Did the Freeze Cause Property Damage or Result in Injury or Death of a Family Member?

If you had damages such as home damage, business interruption, lost wages, physical injury or death because equipment was not working or you could not get the medical treatment you needed you may be entitled to significant compensation. 

At Harrison Davis, justice is central to everything we do. We don’t believe large insurance companies or multinational corporations should be allowed to exploit the lives of everyday people. We stand up against injustice, greed and misconduct and we never back down from a fight. Our calling is to do what’s right for real people facing real consequences.

Our attorneys have unparalleled experience, credentials, and accolades. These include: (1) Membership in the American Board of Trial Advocates, an invitation-only trial organization that promotes the highest standards in trial advocacy; (2) Receipt of the Reich Chandler Outstanding Advocate Award from the Texas Trial Lawyers Association; (3) Invitation to become a Fellow in the Texas Bar Foundation (only the top 1/3 of 1% of Texas attorneys are invited); and (4) Serving as professors and guest lecturers at Baylor Law School.

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Who is Responsible / $Billions in Damages

ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) and American Electric Power, a Company based in New York, are the companies that acted negligently by failing to prepare for the cold weather. These companies failed to follow prior recommendations such as:

  • Simple winterization to stop instruments and equipment from freezing.

  • Providing extra generating equipment.

  • Sharing power with other electric grids.

If these companies had taken these simple steps we would not have had the terrible problems and the billions in damages Texans face.

This Compensation is in Addition to Any Insurance Recovery

Your claim will be against private companies responsible for managing the electric grid. Please make sure you still file to recover money from your insurance company. The settlement we seek to recover will be in addition to any recovery obtained from your insurance company so please file separately with your insurance company. 

Types of Claims That Qualify for Compensation

See this list below for common property damage or personal injury claims that could qualify for compensation:


Claims that May Recover Compensation

  • Broken Pipes

  • Sheetrock repair

  • Floor Damage

  • Illness From Exposure to Cold

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  • Business Interruption

  • Lost Wages

  • Sickness from Water Damage

  • Death from equipment failure

  • Death from exposure to the cold

  • Many Others


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For additional information about the Texas power outages, or to discuss your injury claim with an experienced Texas trial lawyer specializing in catastrophic damage claims, please complete the form above and a representative from Harrison Davis will be in contact with you shortly.

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