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Steam Antitrust Lawsuit

STEAM GAMERS: You could get REFUNDED up to 60% of your purchases from the last FOUR years.

Gamers and developers have filed class action lawsuits against Valve, the owner of Steam.

They argue that Valve illegally charges higher prices to its customers. They allegedly do so by using monopoly power against game developers,  charging higher fees to publish on Steam.


The court recently ruled that Steam customers could pursue their case again Valve in arbitration cases.

Mason LLP is now representing thousands of Steam customers through individual arbitration. 

  • How do I qualify? You must have a Steam account, live in the US, and be at least 18 years old.

  • How much refund can I get? Up to 60% of your purchases on Steam in the last four years.

  • Do I have to pay your fees? No, we only take a percentage of what you win or settle in your case.

Takes just minutes to submit!

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