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St George’s University Grenada

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Further concerning is SGU’s withdrawal from its accrediting body, CAAM-HP, on January 5, 2021. This development will likely make it even more difficult for SGU students to become practicing physicians.
If you are a current or former St George’s University student and you believe you were wronged, contact us today for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation.

The Untold Story About SGU

St George’s University Grenada (SGU) is one of the largest for-profit medical schools in the world, enrolling on average 1,500 students every year. Its website has boasted promising results, such as a 95% medical residency placement rate for eligible 2020 US graduates and a 94% first-time pass rate on 2019 USMLE Step 1. However, the reality often isn’t as ideal as students are led to believe. 

A considerable portion of students, year after year, are unable to match to a residency program or qualify for licensing exams. These students, many of which have taken on a massive financial burden in order to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor, are often left with crippling debt and no career.

Stats & Info

  • Caribbean medical schools have a 10 times higher acceptance rate compared to American medical schools.

  • In 2019, 93% of US allopathic med school grads matched to a residency program, while only 70% of Caribbean med school grads matched.

  • Students that match become attending physicians, on average earning nearly $200,000/year.

  • Students that do not match struggle to find employment that allows them to pay off their medical school debts, which are not dischargeable, even in bankruptcy.

  • July 2019, CAAM-HP accorded SGU Accreditation on Probation, which status was suspended pending a hearing of the SGU’s appeal. SGU’s status of Accredited with Conditions remained in effect while the School was appealing CAAM-HP’s determination on its accreditation in respect of the period 2019-2022.

  • January 2021, SGU voluntarily exercised its right to withdraw its membership from CAAM-HP effective as of January 5, 2021, prior to any appeal hearing. The School’s accreditation status remained Accredited with conditions until that date and the July 2019 determination of Accredited on Probation became effective as of the date of withdrawal.


» Are you able to file a claim against SGU?
Please do not be concerned with any potential language in the paperwork you may have signed with SGU as we will consider any such language in our evaluation. Even if you signed a contract with the school agreeing you would not sue them or similar disclaimers, you still have legal rights. Matthews & Associates will review your claim and ensure that your rights are protected.
» What does it mean that SGU voluntarily withdrew from CAAM-HP accreditation membership?
The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) is the legally constituted body established in 2003 to determine and prescribe standards and to accredit programs of medical, dental, veterinary and other health professions education. Without CAAM-HP accreditation, students completing their studies may not be allowed to take national board exams or apply for residencies and it is uncertain whether US and Canadian institutions will recognize medical degrees earned at SGU in the future.
» Do I qualify for the SGU lawsuit?
We would like to hear your story and determine what rights you may have. Complete the form above for a free consultation. 
» Is this a class action lawsuit? 
Sometimes, there is strength in numbers. We may file or settle a claim individually or as part of a group, on a case-by-case basis; but not as a class action. We rarely file class-action lawsuits. Whether your claim is filed individually or as part of a group fighting against the same defendant, it is our goal to provide each of our clients with the individual attention they deserve.

If you feel that you were harmed by SGU's actions, let us help you. 

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