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Texas Sexual Assault/Abuse Helpline

Our Firm is Dedicated to Helping Victims of Sexual Assault/Abuse

Facilitated by Insufficient Security Measures.

All information will be held in strict confidence.

Help for Sexual Assault/Abuse Victims

There are few things as violating as a sexual assault. For victims, putting their lives back together can seem impossible. Sexual assault victims have legal rights, and if they choose to enforce them, they may be able to prevent further abuse to others and obtain compensation for their injuries. While no amount of money can take away the pain, it can help pay for the cost of counseling and alleviate other financial burdens.


Premises Liability

Premises liability is a legal concept that puts a responsibility on property owners to protect visitors from harm. This responsibility includes keeping visitors safe from not only dangerous conditions, but also from criminal activity. Certain commercial structures like parking garages, apartment complexes, and nightclubs are prone to crime, so owners of these properties are expected to provide adequate security for visitors. This can include proper lighting, security gates, security cameras, or even security personnel. When property owners fail to take steps to secure a property, they can be held responsible when visitors are injured.  Entities such as Hotels, Universities, Fraternities/Sororities, Convention Centers, and other established business all have a responsibility to protect its patrons.


Oftentimes, sexual assaults take place in areas where previous crimes have been committed. In these instances, property owners knew of the risks present for visitors, but negligently chose not to take corrective action.


Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit After An Assault

Sexual assault victims that report the event to law enforcement can receive justice through the criminal justice system; however, the criminal justice system is not designed to compensate victims for their injuries. The only way for victims to recover compensation is to file a personal injury lawsuit. Coming forward is incredibly difficult for victims, but doing so in both criminal and civil proceedings can greatly help victims regain control of their lives and begin to heal. Victims may be able to recover compensation to help pay for counseling or therapy and relieve other financial burdens that may be inhibiting their recovery.

Attorneys For Sexual Assault Victims

At Blizzard Law PLLC, we understand how painful of an experience filing a personal injury lawsuit after a sexual assault can be. That’s why our compassionate attorneys work closely with clients to help them understand their rights, the legal process, and what to expect. We are proud to help represent victims of sexual assault, and we offer all victims absolutely free consultations. There is no upfront cost for working with us, and you won’t owe us anything unless we help you recover compensation.

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