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American Canadian School of Medicine
Enrolling Students for August 2023!
Residency Match or Your Money Back.

About American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM)


ACSOM, a groundbreaking institution nestled in one of the world's most breathtaking destinations, the Caribbean, is redefining the landscape of medical education. Distinguished as a non-profit organization, ACSOM collaborates seamlessly with the Commonwealth of Dominica and local healthcare institutions, prioritizing the accessibility of medical education for aspiring professionals.


ACSOM is unwavering in its dedication to cultivating exceptional physicians by offering a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates clinical experience. In partnership with a network of renowned teaching hospitals, the institution provides students with invaluable hands-on training opportunities.


At ACSOM, diversity thrives as an integral part of the learning environment. With a vibrant international student community, individuals from various cultural backgrounds come together to enrich their medical education journey. Distinguished faculty members hailing from esteemed U.S. medical schools, including Ivy League institutions like Yale and Penn State, contribute to the academic excellence at ACSOM. Their expertise and guidance propel students towards success, while also fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.


Recognizing the global nature of medical practice, ACSOM equips its students for success on both sides of the border. The institution offers integrated preparation for the rigorous licensing examinations in the United States and Canada, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to embark on their medical careers in either country.


ACSOM’s visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence are reshaping the future of medical education, creating a dynamic and enriching environment for aspiring physicians.

Why Choose ACSOM?


At ACSOM, we prioritize a physician-led curriculum that fosters intimate learning experiences through small group sessions held on our vibrant campus, as well as in local clinics and hospitals. Our faculty comprises dedicated physicians who actively treat patients within the local healthcare system, ensuring a clinically integrated approach to medical education. This symbiotic relationship between our institution and the healthcare system will continue to flourish and yield mutual benefits as we expand our offerings to include accredited graduate medical education programs alongside our medical school.

While our model aligns with the conventional standards in the United States and Canada, it marks a paradigm shift in the Caribbean region. Unlike for-profit schools in the area that lack the necessary physician expertise and hospital facilities to provide a modern and clinically integrated curriculum during the initial years of medical school, ACSOM fills this gap and sets a new standard for medical education.


Above all, our primary focus lies in empowering our students to become successful lifelong learners. We believe in equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary for continuous growth and development in the ever-evolving field of medicine. Through our comprehensive programs, we nurture a deep commitment to ongoing education and professional excellence, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the medical profession throughout their careers.

Application Info


At ACSOM, we are committed to selecting individuals who not only possess the intellectual aptitude but also demonstrate the qualities necessary to become outstanding physicians. We value a diverse student body that brings unique perspectives and experiences, fostering an enriching educational environment for all.


For application information, fill out the form above and an agent will follow up accordingly.

ACSOM is now enrolling for August 2023!

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